Woman from Colorado Springs, who was convicted of dragging tow truck driver to death, is back in jail

Colorado Springs woman convicted of dragging tow truck driver to death is now back in jail

Detra Farries, the woman from Colorado Springs who was convicted of dragging a tow truck driver to death in 2011, has been taken back to jail.

In 2021, Farries was granted parole and reintegrated into the community following her completion of ten years out of a 20-year sentence.

Farries is currently in custody at the El Paso County Jail on a parole hold, as confirmed by the Colorado Department of Corrections (DOC). The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) arrested Farries in early November on charges of third-degree assault.

The tragic loss of tow truck driver Allen Rose in 2011 left a lasting impact on numerous individuals. In light of recent developments, his daughter has expressed her belief that the early release of Farries from her sentence was a mistake.

Farries received a 20-year prison sentence for charges including manslaughter, vehicular homicide, and fleeing the scene of an accident.

Police reported that Rose was in the process of towing Farries’ SUV when she abruptly drove off. Unfortunately, Rose became entangled in a cable that she had attached to her own vehicle, causing Farries to unintentionally drag her body for over a mile before the cable eventually disconnected.

According to witnesses, there was a cacophony of car horns and frantic screams from Rose, pleading for Farries to halt, but she stubbornly refused. Farries’ defense team claimed that she was oblivious to Rose being tethered to her vehicle, citing her loud music as a hindrance to hearing the honking.

In a 2017 interview with KRDO13, Rose’s daughter expressed her belief that her mother should have received a life sentence. She shared the heartbreaking impact her father’s absence has had on her, stating, “I’m starting to forget who my dad was, I’m starting to forget what his voice sounded like. It sucks. I will never, ever get to see my dad again.”

Farries may not be facing a criminal charge, but he will most likely have to appear before the parole board for revocation hearings due to the parole hold.

During revocation hearings, it is common for the parole board to make decisions regarding whether an individual will be required to return to prison.

KRDO13 is actively seeking information regarding the reasons for Farries’ return to jail. We have formally requested records from the Department of Corrections (DOC) and will promptly share any new information that becomes available.

A woman from Colorado Springs, who was convicted of dragging a tow truck driver to his death, has been returned to jail.

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