Janesville Police Surround Courthouse Hill Home

As of mid-evening Tuesday, a home atop Janesville’s Courthouse Hill is currently being surrounded by a half dozen police cruisers.

At around 7 p.m. on Tuesday night, a reporter from Big Radio News observed police officers entering and exiting a two-story brick house located at 521 East Court Street. They were seen pacing around the property as well.

The officers at the scene chose not to provide any comment on the situation and instead directed inquiries to their commanding officer. When contacted on Tuesday evening, the commanding officer was unavailable for immediate comment, according to Big Radio.

Squad vehicles with their flashing lights are parked in the front and side yards of the house, which seems to be a rental property licensed to Truman Properties, according to tax records.

Around 7 p.m., the police had not yet taken measures to block off the streets or cordon off the property. At the scene, there were approximately twelve officers present.

A bag of belongings was being handed to a person by an officer. However, the person claimed that they didn’t live at the apartment and expressed confusion about why the police had gathered there.

As of 7:15, there have been no public alerts issued by the police regarding the situation. Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach a supervisor at Janesville’s central police station to gather more details.

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