Thank NY’s criminal justice ‘reforms’ for this double murder

Blame NY’s criminal justice ‘reforms’ for the recent double murder

Lenue Moore was charged on Tuesday for the murder of Jackie Billini, Levaughn Harvin, and Billini’s dog, Zeus, on September 29th. This is a prime example of how New York’s criminal justice “reforms” can result in the tragic loss of innocent lives.

On the day in question, Moore had the luxury of being free from any legal obligations. This was due to the fact that Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Melissa Lewis had set bail at just $5,000, with only $500 required from Moore. This occurred after he was charged with the heinous invasion of Billini’s home on April 11, during which he purportedly broke her arm and harmed two other individuals.

Natalie Questa, Billini’s daughter, expressed her strong emotions, exclaiming, “That was a freaking slap in the face!”


In 2019, a no-bail law was enacted that mandates courts to impose the “least restrictive” conditions on any accused individual. This law is the basis for the direct consequences of a slap.

Instead of continuing to set higher bail for dangerous perpetrators, it is important to consider alternative solutions.

Judges in New York had been routinely directing without formal legislation until the passing of the “reform” by the Legislature.

Prosecutors requested that Moore be held on $15,000 cash bail or a $30,000 bond for the home invasion. However, Lewis decided to opt for a much lower amount, which was upheld by Supreme Court Justice April Newbauer in a later hearing. This amount was already less than what would have been requested pre-“reform.”

When Moore returned to the neighborhood, Billini felt unsafe and sought help from her friend Harvin to accompany her while walking her dogs. Unfortunately, Moore allegedly fired a dozen shots at his nemesis, resulting in the tragic loss of two lives.

Do the lawmakers responsible for this situation feel a sense of relief that they have successfully prevented any efforts to reverse their shameful actions? It’s a question worth considering.

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