For Actor Young, the Gig Was Up When He Committed a Double Murder-Suicide: A Tragic Look Back

Actor Young Sealed His Fate with a Double Murder-Suicide: Reflecting on a Tragic Past


Gig Young was a charismatic and multifaceted actor who achieved great success throughout his career. However, he struggled with alcoholism and abusive tendencies, ultimately leading to the tragic murder of his wife and his own suicide.

A Detailed Examination

If you’re a fan of classic television, you might remember Gig Young’s performance in the iconic “Walking Distance” episode of the original “The Twilight Zone” series. Young portrayed a man who, while reminiscing about a more straightforward era, encounters his younger self from the past.

Could it be that Young secretly yearned for a peaceful life away from the busy and chaotic Hollywood scene?

At the age of 64, Young, who was previously married to Elizabeth Montgomery, the star of “Bewitched,” tied the knot with his fifth wife, Kim Schmidt, a 31-year-old employee at a German art gallery, on September 17, 1978.

Young and Schmidt were discovered dead in their New York City apartment on October 19, 1978, just three weeks after they were married. Authorities believe that Young shot his wife before turning the gun on himself in a tragic suicide pact. Both suffered gunshot wounds to the head.

The Osborne Apartments on West 57th Street, a co-op building, was the site of a tragic murder/suicide. Young had just finished recording an episode of “The Joe Franklin Show” on the day of his death, which unfortunately never aired. He then returned home and committed the heinous act.


The end of Gig Young’s life was a tragic one, marking a sorrowful conclusion to a career that was brilliant yet inconsistent.

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