DA finds guns and drugs worth nearly $10M in abandoned Queens home

DA finds guns and drugs worth nearly $10M in abandoned Queens home

According to prosecutors, a man from Queens was taken into custody following the discovery of over $10 million worth of drugs and roughly ten firearms in an abandoned residence. The incident occurred on Wednesday.

After an extensive investigation, Victor Rodriguez, aged 43, has been charged with multiple drug and firearms offenses. The inquiry led to the uncovering of a hoard of weapons and narcotics in a deserted property located at 249-27 88th Road in Bellerose.

According to prosecutors, the investigation was initiated when a contractor visited the deserted property on May 30 at approximately 2:40 p.m. The contractor reportedly observed a large number of guns, gun parts, and a significant quantity of drugs, including a white powdery substance in coolers. The contractor took a picture of the scene and promptly alerted the police.

As soon as he uncovered the truth, he wasted no time in informing the authorities about it.

According to prosecutors, Rodriguez was captured on surveillance cameras hurriedly moving to and from the deserted house while carrying two coolers, following the departure of the contractor.

Upon analyzing the images captured by the contractor, it was revealed that the coolers held approximately 15 kilograms of drugs. The evidence presented was quite incriminating.

Upon receiving the report, law enforcement conducted a thorough search of the premises and uncovered a shocking discovery – a stash of eight kilograms of heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine. In addition, they also found approximately 1.5 million glassine envelopes that were filled with heroin.

According to prosecutors, the drugs seized in the operation are worth approximately $10 million to $11 million on the street. The search also uncovered several handguns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

According to Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz, the amount of dangerous drugs and weapons discovered is truly astonishing. As a result of these findings, our communities are undoubtedly much safer today. Our efforts to eliminate drugs and firearms from our streets will persist, and we will ensure that those who are responsible are held accountable for their actions.

Rodriguez currently faces a heavy 112-count indictment, which includes a variety of charges such as major trafficking, conspiracy, criminal possession of a controlled substance, and multiple firearms offenses.

In the event of a conviction, the consequences for him are severe – he could potentially face a sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

The next court date for Rodriguez is scheduled for November 6th.

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