Long Island woman found guilty in hit-and-run death of NYPD Detective Anastasios Tsakos

Long Island woman is convicted in the hit-and-run death of NYPD Detective Anastasios Tsakos

In Queens, a Long Island resident has been convicted on all charges related to the hit-and-run incident that resulted in the death of an NYPD detective in 2021.

The court found Jessica Beauvais, a 34-year-old resident of Hempstead, guilty of aggravated manslaughter and other related charges in connection with the passing of NYPD Detective Anastasios Tsakos, aged 43.

According to prosecutors, Beauvais has confessed to consuming alcohol and smoking marijuana.

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As a member of the department’s highway unit, Detective Tsakos had a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of motorists on the roads.

As the detective was hit by a 2013 Volkswagen Passat, which was driven by Beauvais in high speed and recklessly maneuvered through the traffic cones.

According to prosecutors, Tsakos was hurled into the air and landed approximately 170 feet away on the shoulder of the highway.

Sadly, he lost his left leg from the knee down and passed away at a hospital nearby.

After the incident, Beauvais chose to flee the scene and was eventually apprehended by the police after a three-mile pursuit. According to investigators, two hours after the incident, her blood alcohol content was found to be .15, which is above the legal limit of .08.

According to Melinda Katz, the Queens District Attorney, the defendant had no right to be driving. Her selfish actions and disregard for safety resulted in a devastating and pointless tragedy that has left Detective Tsakos’ wife to raise their two children alone. The jury’s decision is appreciated, and we hope it provides some comfort to the family of the late detective.

In court, Irene, the wife of Detective Tsakos, emotionally read out a statement on Monday. She recounted the heart-wrenching moment when she was summoned to Presbyterian Hospital in Queens to bid farewell to her beloved husband, who lay motionless beneath a sheet. Her tears, a testament to the immense pain and loss she has endured.

Irene Tsakos has described her late husband as the “love of her life”. Their two children, a 6-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter, are left to mourn their father’s passing and face the reality of growing up without him.

According to Patrick Hendry, the President of PBA, today marks Halloween, and with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, the thought of those children who will not have a father again this year is a sad reality.

As a sign of unity, Tsakos’ colleagues showed their support as the PBA president spoke out, expressing their collective sense of relief. However, amidst the relief, there was no room for celebration as they mourned the loss of their fallen comrade.

Hendry delivered the solemn news, “Our heroic officer will not be returning today.”

The sentencing for Beauvais is scheduled for December, and he could potentially face a maximum of 27 years in prison.

A massive crowd of supporters showed up to pay their respects at the wake of NYPD Officer Anastasios Tsakos on Monday. The officer tragically lost his life while on duty after being hit by a suspected drunk driver on Long Island.

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