Drug Dealer Busted in Atlantic City

Breaking News: Atlantic City Drug Dealer Caught by Police

Muhammad Griffin was apprehended and a loaded firearm, cocaine, ecstasy, and assorted items were seized as a result of a two-month investigation conducted by the Atlantic City Police Department.

Detectives from the Special Investigations Section carried out court-approved search warrants on a property and a vehicle on October 26. The primary focus of the investigation, Griffin, was apprehended while driving his car on the 2100 block of North Missouri Avenue.

Upon searching both the vehicle and the residence, authorities found narcotics, a loaded handgun, paraphernalia commonly used for drug distribution, and a sum of cash.

The operation was led by Detective Eric Evans.

A 41-year-old man named Griffin, who resides in Atlantic City, has been charged with several offenses. These charges include unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon while committing a CDS offense, and money laundering.

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