Alabama Couple Allegedly Skipped Out on Rent, Then New Tenants Found Their Son's Body in a Freezer, Cops Say

A husband and wife duo from Alabama have been taken into custody following the discovery of their son’s remains in a freezer outside their previous residence. The couple was arrested on suspicion of murder.

According to a report by Front Page Detectives, on October 29th, authorities were called to a house in Henry County after receiving a report about a deceased body. The incident was covered by Front Page Detectives and can be read about on their website.

According to a report by WDHN, the body was found concealed inside an overturned freezer in the backyard of a rental home. The details of the investigation are still unclear, but the discovery of the body in such a manner is undoubtedly disturbing.

According to investigators, the teenage victim’s parents, Michael Halstead (44) and Karen Halstead (43), used to reside at the same home where the incident took place. However, they had to leave the house after being accused of not paying their rent and fleeing the scene.

According to WDHN, the body was discovered by the new tenants during their cleanup of the property.

According to Sheriff Eric Blankenship of Henry County, the body found in the freezer may have been there since August.

According to WTVY, Michael and Karen Halstead were taken into custody roughly 60 miles away from where their son’s remains were found. The couple was arrested on charges related to the incident.

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According to officials, the duo has been accused of committing a heinous crime of abusing a corpse and is now facing serious charges. They have been detained without bond until further notice. The details of the incident are yet to be revealed by the authorities.

As of now, the autopsy results are still pending, and it remains uncertain whether or not the couple will face potential murder charges. However, authorities are closely monitoring the situation and will make necessary decisions based on the outcome of the investigation.

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