Fraudulent Phone Call Preying

🚨Warning: Fraudulent Phone Call Targeting Locals

In Hawaiian Gardens, California, a resident reported a phone call that was deemed fraudulent. The call was made on September 7, 2023, at 22:27 by an individual pretending to be a “mediator from Los Angeles.” The caller did not disclose any business name or other relevant information. The scammer alleged that the resident’s father had an outstanding debt of $800 from a checking account dating back to 2008.

Upon receiving the call, the resident felt uneasy due to the caller’s doubtful and impolite behaviour. The caller insisted on immediate legal action and even mentioned wage garnishing if the resident failed to settle the supposed debt. However, the resident was sceptical about the claim’s authenticity and decided to contact Wells Fargo for verification. To the resident’s relief, Wells Fargo confirmed no record of any unpaid balance.

In addition, Wells Fargo has verified that they have no intention of pursuing a balance from 15 years ago. They have also assured that such a claim would be duly recorded if it existed. Despite this assurance, the resident still faced intimidation from the initial caller, who persisted with their threats.

To protect other residents of Hawaiian Gardens from becoming victims of fraudulent activities, a resident has reported a suspicious phone call. The alleged scam is associated with a phone number, (866) 774-4970. However, at the time of reporting, there was no further information on the identity or verification of the caller. The resident’s actions warn others to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to prevent additional scams.

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