Democratic Socialists of America Founding Member Resigns Due To Its 'Morally Bankrupt' Response To Hamas Attack

Democratic Socialists of America Founding Member Resigns Due To Its ‘Morally Bankrupt’ Response To Hamas Attack

Ucreview – During an episode of ‘The Story’, Dan Senor, the co-author of ‘The Genius of Israel’, talked about the ongoing initiative to save American hostages.

On Monday, Maurice Isserman, a founding member of the Democratic Socialists of America, stated that he will be departing from the organization due to its reaction to Hamas’ terrorist assault on innocent Israeli civilians.

In a article titled “Why I Just Quit DSA” published in The Nation, Isserman, who is still recognized as a founding member of DSA on the socialists’ website, explains his decision to leave the organization.

In his statement, he expressed that he departed as a form of protest against the DSA leadership’s inadequate and unethical reaction to the tragic Hamas October 7 anti-Jewish pogrom. This attack led to the death of 1,400 individuals, mainly civilians, and resulted in over 200 hostages being taken to Gaza, including innocent children and infants.

According to him, the statement released on October 7 failed to mention or criticize Hamas. Instead, it focused on Israel’s apartheid regime and its funding received from the United States as the direct cause for the events that occurred.

the statement released on October 7 failed to mention or criticize Hamas.

The representative of the ‘Squad’, Tlaib, has been accused of disregarding the US intelligence report regarding a Gaza hospital and choosing to support Hamas over the Biden administration.

The day after the massacre, a pro-Palestinian rally was held in New York City, co-sponsored by NYC-DSA. During the protest, some demonstrators burned and stomped on an Israeli flag while taunting Israel supporters with a swastika image. As a result, several progressives, including lawmakers, spoke out against or withdrew their membership with DSA.

Isserman singled out certain chapters of the national organization, citing one that commended the “Palestinian resistance” for initiating an unparalleled anti-colonial movement, while another distributed a “toolkit” for dealing with the events of October 7, produced by DSA’s National BDS & Palestine Solidarity Working Group, which included a list of demands such as “Decolonization—from the river to the sea.”

According to Hamilton College Professor, Isserman, the toolkit promotes the use of “armed struggle” and encourages “confrontation by any means necessary.”

According to Isserman, the authors matter-of-factly explained that those who were killed on October 7 cannot be classified as civilians under international law since they were settlers who serve as military assets to maintain control over the Palestinian land that was stolen.

According to a spokesperson from the national DSA organization who spoke to Fox News Digital, the claim that the organization’s toolkit contains certain phrases and language is factually incorrect. The toolkit that was officially adopted and published by the organization does not include any of those statements. However, the toolkit shared by Isserman does contain the language in question. The document, titled “National BDS & Palestine Solidarity Working Group October 2023, Palestine Organizing Toolkit,” includes the statement that “Settlers are not ‘civilians’ in the sense of international law, because they are military assets used to ensure continued control over stolen Palestinian land.”

National BDS & Palestine Solidarity Working Group October 2023

Pro-Palestinian activists in the US are celebrating the recent actions of Hamas, who took hostages from a music festival in Israel. The activists are hailing the move as a way to honor the Palestinian “martyrs” who have been killed in the ongoing conflict with Israel. Despite international condemnation of Hamas’ actions, these activists see it as a necessary step in the fight for Palestinian liberation. The situation remains tense as both sides continue to clash in the region.

According to Isserman, numerous individuals have offered articulate responses to the DSA’s implicit support of Hamas’ ghastly crimes. However, he highlighted a specific comment made by Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman.

“I am quitting DSA for a multitude of reasons,” stated Isserman. “However, the primary reason boils down to the Sarah Silverman Rule #1 for Judging One’s Political Associates. Any organization that views murdered Jewish civilians, including innocent children and infants, as ‘military assets’ who deserved their fate has relinquished its claim as a democratic socialist group. As Sarah states, such an organization has ‘lost me forever’.”

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