Feds Say Loyalty Card Helped Track Down Man Convicted Of Liquor Store Shooting In Dc

Feds Say Loyalty Card Helped Track Down Man Convicted of Liquor Store Shooting in DC

Ucreview – After a shooting outside a liquor store in Southeast DC in July 2020, Vincent James, 39, was convicted by a jury in DC Superior Court following a three-day trial.

In the wee hours of July 30, 2020, James allegedly fired multiple shots at a complainant in the torso while they were in the parking lot of Spar Liquors on South Capitol Street SE, according to prosecutors.

After sustaining multiple gunshot wounds, the victim collapsed at a bus stop nearby. He was immediately rushed to Washington Hospital Center for medical treatment.

Officials stated that surveillance footage from a nearby AutoZone led to James’ downfall. Using his loyalty account, he made a purchase earlier in the day, which allowed authorities to identify him.

The verdict against James included charges of aggravated assault while armed, possession of a firearm during a crime of violence, and unlawful possession of a firearm with a prior conviction.

The sentencing is slated for January of next year.

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