Police Report 17-year-old Texas City High School Student Shot Inside Home In La Marque

Police Report: 17-year-old Texas City High School Student Shot Inside Home In La Marque

Ucreview – A young person is recuperating in the hospital following being discovered with a gunshot wound inside a residence in La Marque.

Police reported that the incident took place before midnight in the 400 block of Avenue B, where the shooting occurred.

The 17-year-old Texas City High School student, who was later identified as the victim, is currently in critical condition at the hospital. However, there is some good news as the victim’s condition has stabilized.

According to La Marque Police Department officials, the recent occurrence was a drive-by shooting. Unfortunately, the authorities have only received a vague description of the vehicle involved in the incident.

According to Milly Garcia, who resides in the vicinity, she heard as many as 30 gunshots.

Garcia vividly remembers the terrifying experience, “They were extremely loud and sounded like they were firing right at our cars. I couldn’t help but wonder if we were about to get robbed or worse, killed.”

According to authorities, the teenager was present in the house along with several others at the time of the shooting incident. Our team from ABC13 observed investigators gathering evidence outside the residence. The police discovered several shell casings around the area.

At the moment, the police have not gathered any leads or motives regarding the situation. However, they are continuously conducting an investigation.

In the past two weeks, three females have been shot in the area with the latest victim being a teenager. Tragically, on October 13th, a mother was shot and killed by her own daughter as reported by Texas City officers.

A 46-year-old was injured when a drive-by shooting occurred in Texas City, just two miles away from Wednesday night’s shooting. It is currently unknown whether the two drive-by shootings are linked.

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