Accused Killer Of A Maryland Judge Reportedly Found Dead

Ucreview – Authorities have announced that the man accused of fatally shooting the Maryland judge who presided over his divorce case has been found dead after a week-long search.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Pedro Argote, 49, is accused of killing Circuit Court Judge Andrew Wilkinson, 52, in his driveway in Hagerstown, Maryland on October 19th.

Pedro Argote, 49, is accused of killing Circuit Court Judge Andrew Wilkinson

According to the sheriff’s office, Argote’s remains were discovered on Thursday morning after an extensive search in Williamsport, Maryland. The search was conducted in a heavily forested area, approximately 1 mile away from where Argote’s car was located a week prior.

Sheriff Brian Albert of Washington County stated that the exact cause and time of death remain unknown until the autopsy is conducted.

On October 20th, the authorities declared their search for Argote and offered a reward of up to $10,000 for any information that could lead to his arrest.

According to Albert, Wilkinson was overseeing the divorce proceedings of Argote. On Oct. 19, Argote’s ex-wife was given custody at a hearing earlier in the day, and this is believed to be the reason for the shooting that occurred that night.

According to court documents obtained by ABC News, Wilkinson has ordered Argote to pay child support and has also prohibited him from initiating any visits or contact with his children or wife, unless it is initiated by her. Additionally, his wife has been granted sole possession of the family home.

According to the sheriff, discovering Argote is a “relief,” although it remains a “tragedy.”

According to the sheriff, they had recently attended the viewing of Judge Wilkinson and had the opportunity to meet with his family. The family expressed their gratitude for their presence, but it was undeniable that the loss of a husband, father, and brother was still a tragic event for them. Despite this, the sheriff noted that the viewing provided a small sense of closure for the family.

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