Trump Criticizes The Judge In NY Scam Case After The Fine He Has Gone Crazy In His Hatred

Trump Criticizes The Judge In NY Scam Case After The Fine: “He Has Gone Crazy In His Hatred”

Ucreview – In response to being fined $10,000 for breaking a gag order imposed in his New York civil trial, Former President Trump criticized the judge, stating that he “has gone crazy in his hatred.”

On Thursday, Trump took to Truth Social to express his thoughts on the New York State Attorney General (AG) case, specifically the judge’s refusal to accept the appeals court’s overturning of his decisions. Trump claimed that this was a first in the state’s history and accused the judge of going crazy due to his hatred of Trump.

Surprisingly, on Wednesday, Trump appeared as a witness in front of Judge Arthur Engoron to respond to a set of inquiries related to an alleged breach of a gag order. The order restrains Trump and other involved parties from discussing the judge’s staff.

Former President’s Comment on Partisan Judge Leads to Violation

A violation was incurred by the former president due to his remarks made to reporters regarding a “very partisan judge with a person who is very partisan sitting alongside him, perhaps even more partisan than he is.”

According to Engoron, Trump was alluding to his primary law clerk, positioned to the right of the judge. However, Trump disputed this claim and clarified that he was actually referring to Michael Cohen, his former fixer who testified this week and is a crucial witness in the fraud case against Trump brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

When asked by Engoron, the judge’s clerk, about the matter, the ex-president expressed his belief that the clerk is exhibiting a strong bias against him.

After concluding his statement, Engoron imposed a penalty of $10,000 on Trump. Upon leaving, the order was in effect.

On Thursday, in a separate post on Truth Social, Trump expressed his disagreement with the judge overseeing the “fake and fully discredited” case brought against him by the New York State Attorney General. He criticized the judge, whom he referred to as a “Radical Left Judge,” and claimed that the case should have been handled by the Commercial Division and never should have been brought. Trump also stated that the judge issued a $10,000 fine against him under a “so-called gag order” and that he believes the judge had already found him guilty “before the trial even started.”

On Truth Social, Trump criticized the trial judge, calling them “unhinged” and accusing them of being a “highly political and fully biased Trump Hater.”

During his testimony on Wednesday, Trump mentioned that he had taken down a past post on Truth Social, which led to the imposition of a gag order. In the post, the clerk was incorrectly identified as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) “girlfriend,” and it contained her personal details. A spokesperson for Schumer dismissed the post as “ridiculous, absurd and false” in a statement to The Hill.

Trump took down the post after it was flagged, but surprisingly, it was still present on his campaign website for a duration of 17 days. In response to this, Engoron imposed a fine of $5,000 on Trump for breaching the order and cautioned that any future violation might lead to more severe consequences.

On Wednesday, Trump expressed his belief that a political group associated with his campaign was responsible for leaving the post up.

In the lawsuit filed by James, it is alleged that Trump, his organization, and his sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr., have committed financial fraud for over ten years.

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