Florida Democratic Party Leaders Charged with “Electoral Corruption”

Florida Democrats quietly submitted to their secretary of state a list of presidential candidates who would participate in their primary election on March 19 — and only Biden was on it. — KTBB

Florida Democrats found themselves silenced, but not by their own volition. The party leaders decided to submit only one presidential candidate’s name, effectively robbing the voters of their right to participate in a primary election. Ironically, this decision comes from the very party that claims to champion choice.

Almost ten years ago, I fully embraced my independent thinking, which had been yearning to be set free for decades. With great pride, I proclaimed my belief in individuals (candidates), rather than aligning myself with any specific political party.

Wear the color that suits you, whether it’s red, blue, green, or any other. The key is to work hard and have a clear agenda to serve your constituents. It’s important to purposefully ignore the temptation of money and instead focus on the overall benefit for the majority.

Choosing the middle ground is a decision I made willingly. I have chosen not to exercise my right to vote in a party primary. However, if I feel strongly about a particular candidate, I can always register and participate, which I have done in the past.

Giving up an opportunity, privilege, or right willingly is a completely different experience from having one’s voice forcefully taken away.

Democracy, as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, is a form of government where power is held by the people.

the belief that everyone in a country has the right to express their opinions, and that power should be held by people who are elected, or a system of government based on this belief

Democracy is characterized by the fundamental principle of freedom of expression, opinions, and the ability to have a voice.

It appears that democracy has suffered another blow.

The Presidential Preference Primary

The Presidential Preference Primary Election (PPP) is an integral part of the presidential nominating process for Florida’s two major political parties. Registered voters from these parties have the opportunity to express their preference for the presidential candidate they believe should represent their party on the General Election ballot in November.

The leaders of Florida’s state Democratic party showed a lack of consideration for other potential candidates and made the decision on behalf of their voters that President Joe Biden would be the only presidential candidate.

There will be no primary.

According to a spokesperson for the Florida Democratic Party, they consider the process to be “standard” in response to the criticism.

The party stated that it is not unusual for an incumbent president to be declared the automatic winner of a presidential primary. They pointed out that back in 2011, Florida Democrats also unanimously voted for incumbent President Barack Obama.

Phillips, Williamson, and Uygur will not be included in the ballot, despite their efforts to gain access. They are accusing the state’s party of making an “authoritarian” and “unconstitutional” decision to exclude them.

Phillips, who hails from Minnesota, issued a strong warning of a potential lawsuit. In a statement provided exclusively to POLITICO, he openly accused Florida Democratic Party officials of manipulating the primary election.

Biden must address the handling of the process immediately, demanded the enraged individual. In a statement, he described the actions as a “blatant act of electoral corruption.”

Dems Go FULL AUTHORITARIAN: Rig Florida Primary

Phillips’ campaign issued legal threats against both the Florida Democrats and the Democratic National Committee.

Uygur’s campaign took action against both the Florida Democrats and the DNC. He filed an “implementation challenge” to argue that the state party had violated its own DNC-approved delegate selection plan.

The Democratic Party effectively excluded other candidates from appearing on the ballot by nominating a single candidate for the presidential preference primary through its State Executive Committee. The process and timing of this nomination were not disclosed.

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang is lending his support to Phillips’ cause. He emphasizes the significance of the situation in Florida, questioning the essence of democracy. Yang suggests that if the Democrats have the power to cancel their own primaries, it raises doubts about their commitment to democratic principles.

Earlier this month, Phillips took to social media to apologize to Bernie Sanders. He admitted that he had previously disregarded Sanders’ claims about the rigged Democratic Party primary system.

“But you know what? He was right.”

On December 13, 2023, Minyon Moore and James Roosevelt, Jr., Co-Chairs for the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee, issued a response to Uygur’s filing. The state party leaders of Florida have been granted a period of 21 days to provide their response to the challenge.

The deadline for federal holidays was extended to January 5, 2024, to account for the conflicting dates.

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