Flower Expo Announces Michigan Cannabis Trade Show in 2024

Flower Expo Announces Michigan Cannabis Trade Show For 2024

The Premier B2B Cannabis Trade Show is expanding to a new state with the upcoming Flower Expo Michigan. The event is scheduled to take place on August 7-8, 2024, in Allegan, Mich. Flower Expo Michigan will be the first of its kind to be held in this state, making it a highly anticipated event for those in the cannabis industry. The show is set to take place just two months after the second iteration of Flower Expo Massachusetts which is scheduled for June 5-6 in Greenfield, Mass. This expansion of the trade show is a testament to the growing interest and demand for cannabis-related products and services across the United States.

Last year, Flower Expo made its debut in Massachusetts and it was a grand success. Over 70% of the state’s dispensaries participated in the event and more than 150 renowned brands showcased their products. The event witnessed the presence of industry leaders such as PAX, Cookies, Curaleaf, Green Thumb Industries, Kanha, Garcia Hand Picked, TILT Holdings, Stündenglass, Dutchie, and many others.

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Flower Expo was a hit at the Greenfield event, proving the need for a trade show that focuses solely on buyers and brands in the cannabis industry. Its innovative format, which includes live sampling and cannabis consumption, allows buyers to get firsthand experience with the latest products, make business deals, and interact with top players in the industry, all under one roof.

Flower Expo’s early success was marked by its location in Greenfield, the heart of New England’s Emerald Triangle. However, the event is now expanding its horizons to the thriving cannabis market in Michigan. The Allegan County Fairgrounds, situated just 30 minutes from Grand Rapids, will play host to the upcoming event. Michigan has quickly become a prominent player in the cannabis space, ranking second in the U.S. in cannabis revenue in recent years. This move demonstrates Flower Expo’s dedication to supporting the growth of the cannabis industry in emerging markets. Notably, Higgs, Treez, and Cloud Cover are among the brands that have already signed up for the Michigan show.

As the Founder & CEO of Flower Expo, Jason Bello boasts an impressive industry background. He previously spearheaded sales at Source, a renowned California-based flower brand. Bello also gained valuable experience from California’s most sought-after cannabis event, Hall of Flowers. His enthusiasm for Flower Expo stems from the platform it provides for exhibitors. According to Bello, “Flower Expo offers the opportunity for brands to meet the vast majority of their state’s retail decision-makers in our 2-day, high-vibe event. We want to be your main marketing and sales expenditure of the year, and in return, you’ll walk away knowing you made a quantifiable ROI.”

Flower Expo doesn’t only offer exhibitors a chance to get a return on investment, but also creates a platform where brands can meet buyers. The event takes several measures to ensure retailer attendance and increase the probability of brands getting their products on dispensaries’ shelves. Emily Chisick, the Director of Retail Relations, stated that they aim to provide retailers with a VIP experience. Flower Expo’s objective for 2024 is to register a minimum of 400 retail stores in Michigan and 250 stores in Massachusetts.

According to Kai Brady, the Director of Business Development at Flower Expo, allowing attendees to sample products is a crucial aspect of the event’s business model. This consumption-friendly approach not only increases sales potential but also adds a unique element of fun to the otherwise business-focused atmosphere. Flower Expo stands out from other industry events by providing an immersive experience for all attendees, emphasizing their commitment to creating a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Be part of the ever-growing cannabis community and join Flower Expo’s highly anticipated events in 2024. These gatherings are among the industry’s most important, where both buyers and brands come together to shape the future of the cannabis market. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity and mark your calendars for Flower Expo’s events in Greenfield, Massachusetts on June 5-6, 2024, and in Allegan, Michigan on August 7-8, 2024.

If you need additional details, feel free to check out www.theflowerexpo.com or send an email to [email protected].

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Flower Expo’s ultimate goal is to revolutionize the cannabis industry by providing a professional, efficient, and high-energy platform. Our aim is to create meaningful connections, promote strategic partnerships, and exchange knowledge to propel the industry forward. We prioritize professionalism, positive energy, and streamlined processes to empower businesses and individuals to showcase their offerings, inspire innovation, and shape the future of cannabis.

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