Hospital Celebrates Holocaust Survivor’s 100th Birthday in Style

A Holocaust survivor was given an incredibly special gift to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Five years ago, Jack Betteil had a life-saving heart procedure at Northwell Health when he was struggling to breathe.

When he reached the age of 100, he made a personal promise to himself that he would treat himself to a “free haircut.”

Betteil made a visit to the hospital the day after achieving that significant milestone. His purpose was to express gratitude to his cardiologist. However, to his surprise, he received a complimentary haircut upon his arrival.

Jamie Mazzei, the owner of Nubest Salon, was the one who did the honors.

When he was liberated, he weighed 70 pounds.

In the midst of that harrowing experience, he vividly recalls the cramped conditions we endured. We were packed like sardines, with over 100 of us confined to a single barrack. The air was thick with tension and despair, as we grappled with the harsh realities of our existence. In one corner, a urine pail served as a constant reminder of our dire circumstances.

At the age of 95, he underwent a life-saving heart surgery at Northwell Health, performed by Dr. Bruce Rutkin. The procedure was minimally invasive and successfully restored his health.

Dr. Rutkin expressed gratitude for the availability of a new alternative to open heart surgery.

Betteil was asked about his tips for longevity, and he offered straightforward advice. He emphasized the importance of consuming fresh food, particularly oranges. Additionally, he highlighted the significance of cherishing one’s family and consistently extending a helping hand to others.

He emphasized the importance of being kind to others, stating, “If people treat you well, it’s essential to reciprocate and treat them well too. It’s crucial to be good to your friends.”

Betteil expressed his desire to continue pursuing his passion for woodworking in the future.

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