Buffalo Bills Get Massive News On Stefon Diggs Status For Week 10

In Week 10, Stefon Diggs Status Delivers Massive News for Buffalo Bills

During the lead-up to week 10, Buffalo Bills supporters have been keeping a close eye on the condition of wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Diggs was only able to participate in limited practice sessions on Thursday and Friday due to a back injury, which caused some worry among fans. Given that Josh Allen frequently looks to him as a preferred target, Diggs’ uncertain status was cause for concern. Fortunately, the injury report released on Saturday provided clarity on Diggs’ availability for week 10.

Buffalo Bills Stefon Diggs Status For Week 10

Great news for Bills fans as the injury report confirms that Diggs is not listed as injured for the week 10 game against the Broncos. The AFC is highly competitive and the Bills are in dire need of a win to stay in the playoff race. If they continue to lose games, they could find themselves fighting for a spot in the post-season. The Broncos have improved over the past few weeks, which means that the upcoming game will be quite challenging. However, having Allen’s go-to receiver on the field should boost the offense, which has been struggling lately.

How Worried Should The Bills Be?

The team’s defense injuries are a major cause of concern. As there are only so many season-ending injuries a team can withstand before it starts to affect their performance. On the offensive side, except for Diggs, the receivers have been inconsistent. Gabe Davis has shown flashes of brilliance but also periods of inactivity. Meanwhile, the rookie Dalton Kincaid has been a welcome addition, but the team still needs more stability from their receiving corps. Despite having a talented squad, injuries and inconsistency have prevented the Bills from putting it all together.

On Monday night, the Buffalo Bills will have the pleasure of having Stefon Diggs on the field. The team is hoping to bounce back from recent losses and make a strong push towards the playoffs in the latter half of the year.

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