Kansas City man charged in connection with Tuesday’s fatal shooting

A man, aged 31, is now facing several felony charges in connection to a fatal shooting that took place on Tuesday in eastern Kansas City, Missouri.

Tamon Daniel has been charged by Jackson County prosecutors with second-degree murder, unlawful use of a weapon, and two counts of armed criminal action.

According to court documents, Kansas City police officers received a report of a shooting in the vicinity of E. 49th Terrace and Heritage Avenue, which is close to U.S. 40 Highway and Noland Road. The incident occurred shortly after 4 p.m.

When the officers arrived at the intersection, they discovered Daniel. He signaled the officers and raised his hands in a gesture of surrender. Subsequently, he proceeded to lay down and positioned his arms behind his back. As a result, the officers proceeded to handcuff him, according to court documents.

Officers discovered an AR-15 style pistol, a gray jacket, and a cell phone lying on the ground next to Daniel after he confessed to shooting someone.

The authorities determined that the incident was a homicide.

According to a witness, a man with a rifle shot at him and the victim who was sitting in a car. Upon investigation, the police did not find any firearms in or around the witness’ vehicle or the deceased victim.

During questioning, Daniel explained that he went to the apartment complex to safeguard his sister. He mentioned that he saw two individuals whom he suspected were involved in the kidnapping of his sister inside a vehicle at the complex, and they were armed. He stated that these men aimed their guns at him, prompting him to retaliate by pointing his rifle at them, as mentioned in court records.

According to court documents, Daniel denied firing any shots at the men while they were near their vehicle. Instead, he claimed that he chased them in his vehicle with the intention of running them over. He believed that he successfully hit one of the men with his vehicle. After crashing his car, he got out and reportedly shot the man he hit multiple times with his assault rifle. Following the incident, Daniel walked up the hill, informed the police, and surrendered to them.

Court documents indicate that no firearms were found in or around the victim’s vehicle.

Daniel is expected to make his court appearance on Friday at 1 p.m.

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