Make-A-Wish grants surprise wish to NJ teen with life-threatening heart condition

A teenager, who was dealing with a life-threatening heart condition, had their long-awaited dream come true on Wednesday in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Fourteen-year-old Erynn Onley, hailing from Cape May County, was in for a surprise at the Subaru Cherry Hill dealership when she discovered a car brimming with top-of-the-line music equipment. This generous gift had been bestowed upon her by the Make-A-Wish foundation.

“I’m feeling a bit shaky,” Onley admitted.

Onley’s father, Eric, mentioned that she has faced various health challenges throughout her life.

According to Eric Onley, she had a difficult childhood due to being undiagnosed with Crohn’s disease for a long time. From the ages of 3 to about 12, she didn’t have much of a life.

Last year, the young music enthusiast discovered that she was facing a significant heart issue.

Eric Onley gave an update on his daughter’s health, stating that they have identified the Long QT syndrome and are closely monitoring it. However, he reassured that she is doing great.

Onley said that he is doing well, but there are times when things get challenging.

Tom Weatherall, the president and CEO of Make-A-Wish New Jersey, expressed his enthusiasm for acknowledging her determination by gifting her with the complete set of recording equipment.

Weatherall expressed her gratitude for the support they received from Subaru Cherry Hill, stating that they would be instrumental in bringing the wish to fruition for their dear friend.

Even John Daqui, the general sales manager, got his son involved.

“The wall art inside the car was generously donated by him,” Daqui explained.

She can anticipate the joy of pursuing her true passion – creating music alongside her loved ones and close friends.

She mentioned, “The majority of the music I enjoy comes from my dad’s collection, as it aligns with his personal taste.”

Eric Onley mentioned that his friend has a diverse taste in music, enjoying both classic rock and contemporary hits. He jokingly added that she might even borrow some albums from his music collection in the near future.

Lauren, her mother, expressed that this day will always be etched in their family’s memory.

Lauren Onley expressed her deep gratitude, describing the experience as nothing short of amazing. She believed that Make-A-Wish’s efforts were a true blessing for her daughter.

And that’s not all.

Make-A-Wish has a heartwarming plan for next month – they will be visiting Onley’s house to construct a shed exclusively for her and her band. With this shed, Onley will have the perfect space to create and play the music she truly loves.

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