Man Stabs Woman, Burns Her Body

Man Stabs Woman, Burns Her Body, Thinking She Was His Ex

Silvia “Kelly” Vaca Abacay was tragically killed due to a case of confused identities. She was misidentified as the ex-girlfriend of the assailant, Montano, while staying at a friend’s apartment, leading to a brutal assault and subsequent attempt at concealment.

A jury has found Richard Montano guilty of first-degree murder and arson for stabbing and setting fire to a woman.
Montano mistakenly believed that the victim, Silvia “Kelly” Vaca Abacay, was his eight-year ex-girlfriend with whom he had recently broken up.
The incident occurred when Montano broke into Abacay’s apartment with the intent to kill his ex-girlfriend.
Multiple times before, Montano had entered the apartment without his ex-girlfriend’s knowledge.
Blood spatter in the apartment and the severity of Abacay’s injuries were described as particularly disturbing.

Man who stabbed woman to death, lit her body on fire mistook her for his ex

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