New York couple had a ‘paint and sip’ date hours before fatal stabbing; police eyeing teen son as suspected killer

New York couple had a ‘paint and sip’ date hours before fatal stabbing; police eyeing teen son as suspected killer

According to sources, the 19-year-old son of Jonathan Rivera, who was a victim of the murders, sought treatment at the Westchester County Medical Center in Valhalla.

Authorities have not released the name of the upstate college student who has not been charged in the slayings. Friends and relatives are desperately seeking answers to this tragic incident.

Family friend Eusebio Baez expressed his disbelief and confusion over the tragic events that unfolded at the Mott Haven apartment building. The bodies of Rivera, 38, his girlfriend Hanoi Peralta, 33, and their young son, Kayden Rivera, were found early Sunday. Baez couldn’t comprehend the senselessness of what had happened.

According to Baez, a close friend of Jonathan Rivera for two decades, the couple had recently gone on a date in an effort to repair their relationship, less than 12 hours prior.

According to Baez, 33, she had a conversation with him the previous night. During the conversation, she learned that he was at a paint and sip event with his girlfriend. They even posted pictures on social media, showcasing their enjoyable time.

“He proudly displayed his wife’s painting, declaring, ‘Look at how much better her painting is compared to mine.’ Both of them were filled with joy and satisfaction.”

According to Baez, Rivera was a loving father who showered little Kayden with affection and dedicated all his time to reuniting with the boy’s mother before their heartbreaking demise.

I received the final message from my old friend on Saturday at 7 p.m.

During their investigation, the officers peered through the window of the adjacent apartment unit. After catching sight of Kayden, they swiftly entered the premises.

According to Baez, Kayden is the youngest among Rivera’s four children. He has two older daughters who reside in Connecticut, and his older son, who is now suspected in the slayings, is studying at Oswego College on a scholarship.

According to Baez, Rivera went above and beyond to support his son and Peralta, even taking on two jobs. He even worked as a janitor at his son’s school in the Bronx. Rivera dedicated all of his time and resources to make sure that both his son and Peralta were happy.

According to the speaker, Jonathan was never in trouble. He was always busy with his kids and his passion for snowboarding. Unlike some people who enjoy going to bars, Jonathan preferred spending his free time with his family. In fact, he had his first taste of an IPA just last year.

“He was a remarkable man, I’m telling you.”

The couple ended their relationship approximately a year ago, but they decided to give it another try and started dating again in the past few months, aiming to mend their relationship.

According to Baez, Rivera had been residing with his father in another part of the Bronx. However, he began to spend an increasing amount of time at Peralta’s apartment.

“He used to come over and take care of the kid, clean the house, and ensure everything was in order for her when she returned from work,” he shared. “During parties and gatherings, he would bring her along. She was such a lovely and friendly presence.”

“He had an immense love for that woman. He would put in all his effort to provide for his children and would generously spend any remaining money he had. He showered her with affection,” Baez expressed.

According to Baez, Rivera was described as a kind-hearted individual who doted on his son, Kayden. Baez mentioned that a significant portion of Rivera’s living room was dedicated to his son’s toys, highlighting the love and care he had for his child.

“He fondly recalled the young child as being full of energy and a bit sassy.”

According to Baez, “He had a great fondness for chicken nuggets and Happy Meals from McDonald’s. He was just an ordinary 5-year-old child who certainly did not deserve the tragic events that unfolded.”

Baez fondly remembers how Rivera would spare no expense when it came to buying toys for his child. Whether it was Sonic or Ironman, Rivera made sure his kid had every toy they wanted. Baez can’t help but get emotional as he recounts how deeply Rivera cared for his child.

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