Man caught trying to steal $286 worth of toothpaste and detergent at Target had a shocking criminal history

Police have revealed that a convicted cop-killer made an alleged attempt to steal goods worth nearly $300 from Target.

On November 18, Bruce Lorick, who has been on parole since 2021, tried to steal items from a store in Manhattan.

Just years after being released from a four-decade prison sentence, he faced new charges.

In 1981, Lorick was found guilty of the murder of New York Police Department officer Joseph Keegan.

According to The New York Post, he has been accused of attempting to steal various items worth $286. These items include shrimp, chicken, frozen meals, toothpaste, and Tide laundry detergent.

As Lorick attempted to leave the store, he was halted by a security guard.

He pleaded guilty to one count of disorderly conduct and will not be returned to prison.

According to the police, Lorick was charged with petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

In 1980, Lorick, who was 22 at the time, shot Keegan after the police officer stopped him for allegedly not paying a subway fare.

Lorick hurriedly made his escape from the scene, quickly making his way to Central Park from the 59th Street/Columbus Circle station.

According to Noreen Keegan-Connelly, the niece of Keegan, she recounted to The New York Post in 2011 that witnesses heard her uncle pleading, “Please don’t shoot!” However, he was shot regardless and then sought refuge in a tree within the park, like some sort of animal.

In 2005, Lorick, who had been sentenced to life, became eligible for parole for the first time.

After numerous pleas for his release were turned down, he was finally granted parole a couple of years ago.

During his time in prison, it was revealed that he had posted an advertisement on an online platform, searching for a romantic connection.

Lorick’s advertisement disclosed his search for a Christian woman who wasn’t overly zealous.

He expressed, “I may not be able to rival God, but with your assistance, I can be an exceptional partner or spouse.”

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