Northeast DC assault on a woman and dog theft at gunpoint

Saturday night in Northeast D.C., a woman walking her dog was attacked by two men at gunpoint; her dog was seized, and she sustained multiple injuries.

Zaleena Ahmed claimed she was assaulted around 10 p.m. while walking her dog near the Fort Totten subway station. According to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), a suspect approached her, pointed a pistol at her, and demanded her dog.

She stated that she attempted to fight back, but one of the men struck her head with a pistol while the other snatched the dog from her arms. The two males entered a black minivan and departed. One of Ahmed’s acquaintances reported that the driver-side door handle on the minivan was missing.

Max is 14 years old and weighs approximately 25 pounds. Ahmed stated in an Instagram post that he is a senior Westie who requires “special care.”

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