NY burglary suspect with ‘Scream’ mask in vehicle arrested after slamming into CT police cruiser

Police arrest NY burglary suspect with ‘Scream’ mask in vehicle after the suspect slams into CT police cruiser

According to reports, a gentleman hailing from New York was apprehended after attempting to enter a Connecticut building and subsequently colliding with a law enforcement vehicle as he tried to escape. The incident occurred in Greenwich.

On Sunday, authorities apprehended Anthony Vasquez, a 35-year-old resident of Queens, NY.

According to authorities from Greenwich, a report was received regarding a suspicious vehicle that had backed up to the rear doors of a building housing the Celine Greenwich Saks Fifth Avenue and Chanel Clothing Store. The police were promptly notified and responded to the scene.

According to reports, at around 5 a.m., the perpetrator was attempting to gain access to the rear of the building.

Upon the arrival of the officers, they made an attempt to halt his actions; however, he fled the scene in a vehicle, driving in a reckless and unpredictable manner.

According to the authorities, he drove on the opposite direction of the road and eventually collided with a clearly marked police car, head-on.

According to reports, Vasquez, the suspect in question, attempted to reverse the car but due to the extensive damage caused to the vehicles, ended up fleeing on foot.

After some time, he was apprehended and taken into custody.

According to reports, he was found with a mask from the horror movie “Scream,” along with gloves and a screwdriver.

According to authorities, the car in question was a rental vehicle, but all of its rental marks and VIN were covered with tape. Additionally, the registration plates on the vehicle did not match the car’s actual registration.

According to reports, Vasquez was apprehended with an ankle monitor on his leg and is known to have a significant criminal record. It has been confirmed that he acted alone during the incident.

He was charged by the police with a range of offenses related to burglary as well as traffic violations.

According to reports, he was given a court date of November 13 in Stamford and was held on a bond of $50,000.

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