Wife Of Racist Convicted Killer KCPD Cop Says He Was A Hero For Killing Cameron Lamb, Demands Governor to Pardon Him

Racist Convicted Killer’s Wife KCPD Officer Calls Heroic Killing Cameron Lamb, Demands Governor Pardon

It’s a shocking and heart-wrenching situation as the wife of Eric DeValkenaere, a convicted KCPD cop, attempts to justify his heinous actions. Her crusade to paint a different picture of her husband’s deeds is both audacious and gut-wrenching, and it’s difficult to reconcile with any semblance of justice.

Supported by a multitude of “Back the Blue” advocates, she is requesting a pardon from the governor while boldly referring to her husband as a ‘hero’ for his ruthless and unjustified killing of Cameron Lamb, who was only 26 years old.

Dehumanization and Criminalization

In a disturbing turn of events, she made an appearance on a talk show that caters to the far-right extremists. During her appearance, she continued to spread a series of false accusations about Cameron, all of which had already been debunked in a court of law.

It is deeply concerning to see how many lies have been spread about the tragic incident involving Cameron. False statements have been made about Cameron being pursued in a traffic stop, disobeying verbal commands from the police, and even having a gun on him. It has been falsely claimed that Cameron pointed the gun at the police officers when they unlawfully trespassed onto his property. However, the truth is that Cameron was not armed at all. It is disheartening to see how easily false information can spread and how it can distort the truth of a situation.

Her falsehoods have been exposed numerous times in various courtrooms and by several judges.

It is impossible to ignore the significance of Eric DeValkenaere’s conviction as the first white police officer in the Kansas City Police Department’s 145-year history to be found guilty of murdering a Black man. This is not simply a coincidence or a one-time event in the criminal justice system.

It’s evident that for a white police officer in Kansas City to be found guilty of killing a Black person, there needs to be an abundance of indisputable evidence. This outcome was once thought to be unattainable, but recent events have shown that it is possible if the evidence is overwhelming.

Moreover, his conviction was solidified by a three-judge panel in the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District, who ruled unanimously in favor of the verdict.

The judges on the panel made an unwavering decision to uphold DeValkenaere’s conviction. This decision was based on the fact that he not only took the life of Cameron Lamb, but he did so recklessly and without any justifiable reason to use deadly force. Additionally, he blatantly disregarded the law by unlawfully entering Lamb’s backyard. The judges made it clear that DeValkenaere’s actions were not only criminal but also demonstrated a complete lack of regard for human life.

Following the appeals court ruling, Jean Peters Baker, the Prosecutor of Jackson County, expressed her thoughts on the Lamb family’s situation. She highlighted that they had to go through a deceitful campaign that aimed to undermine their loved one’s life and defame his character. It begs the question of when individuals will put an end to this malicious campaign of spreading false information and attacking someone’s character.

As much as it may be unsettling, the reality is that DeValkenaere was simply carrying out his duties that day, as pointed out by the woman’s remark.

Yet, there is a haunting shard of truth in her words: DeValkenaere was, indeed, ‘just doing his job that day.’

From the moment of its establishment, the Kansas City Police Department has operated as a ruthless tool of oppression designed to instill fear, suppress, and monitor the Black community. What DeValkenaere did was not an isolated incident, but rather a frightening manifestation of the department’s deeply ingrained fascist and white supremacist culture.

A Struggle for Justice within a Community

Although DeValkenaere’s wife’s plea may seem bold, it shouldn’t diminish the collaborative efforts made to hold him accountable for his actions. The fight for justice was led by community activists, advocacy groups, and the unwavering determination of the Lamb family. It was a grueling battle, but justice prevailed in the end.

In a milestone moment for the Kansas City Police Department, a white officer has been found guilty of killing a Black man. However, it’s important to note that this single conviction does not solve the larger issue of systemic racism within the department. KCPD is currently facing federal investigation for allegations of discrimination and racial bias, and has been named one of the worst police departments in the country. Clearly, there is much work to be done in order to create a truly just and fair law enforcement system.

Demands of the Community

According to Nimrod Chapel, who serves as the President of the Missouri NAACP, there’s no room for doubt – the current situation is a direct result of a criminal legal system that’s been designed to let cops and white supremacy off the hook. The community in Kansas City has rallied behind this message, pushing for a complete overhaul of an institution that’s widely seen as corrupt and beyond redemption. Instead, they’re calling for a reallocation of resources to essential public services like education, affordable housing, and mental health support.

What’s Next

The Lamb family and members of the community are calling on everyone who is outraged and concerned to take action by contacting the governor’s office and urging him not to pardon convicted murderer Eric DeValkenaere. You can find the necessary information in the graphics provided below. It’s important to make your voice heard and stand up for justice.

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