She Met Him on a Dating App and Things Turned Intimate. Then He Covered Her Mouth and Slashed Her Throat

She met him on a dating app, and things quickly became intimate. Then he slashed her throat and covered her mouth

A Texas lady says her first meeting with a man she met on a dating app seemed to be going well until he abruptly assaulted her and cut her throat.

Tayla Smith, 22, met Kordel Roshon Stewart on BLK, a dating app for young Black professionals, in September. She told KHOU that the two lined up a date after texting back and forth for roughly five days.

Smith invited Stewart, 24, to her Houston home, where she prepared the meal for him. They watched a movie together before moving to the bedroom and getting intimate.

Stewart abruptly covered her lips, pulled out a knife, and cut her neck while they were kissing, Smith claimed.

Smith, who posted photos of the sutures across her neck from the knife wound, is now warning about dating app safety after Stewart was discovered to have previously been arrested on a murder accusation. According to court records, a judge dismissed the murder accusation in April 2023 due to a “unavailable and uncooperative eye witness.”

He informed Smith that he worked as a cook at Sonic Drive-In.

“BLK was my first dating app — and my last,” Smith told the Galveston County Daily News. “I always heard crazy stories about it, but I never really thought it could happen to me. This was literally the first person I decided to meet off the app.”

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A lawyer who previously defended Stewart in his murder case did not respond to a request for comment from The Messenger.

A representative for Match Group, which owns BLK, called the claims against Stewart “horrible” and said they “shouldn’t happen anywhere.”

“We have removed this individual’s account, and we stand ready to provide any information to law enforcement that may be helpful for their investigation,” stated the spokesperson for Match.

Stewart was arrested on September 21 and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. A $125,000 bond has been set for him.

According to the Galveston County Daily News, he was arrested in 2020 on a murder charge in connection with a fatal shooting in Texas City. According to court records, he had already done time in jail on a firearms offense.

Stewart didn’t have many “red flags” when they were texting and talking on the app, according to Smith. When they finally met, she claimed he kissed her hard a couple times and informed her he wasn’t permitted to see his children.

Smith told KHOU that she started yelling and fighting him off during the incident. Stewart allegedly tried to stab her with the knife, and when Smith fought her way out the door of her house, he pushed her to the ground to prevent her from fleeing.

Neighbors came outside after Stewart finally managed to escape, according to KHOU, and contacted the police after hearing her cry.

Smith stated that the wound on her neck took 12 stitches to repair.

“I’ve replayed that night a million times in my head,” she claimed.

“But the thing is he didn’t expect me to scream, it caught him off guard,”

“Maybe he thought it was a ‘Scream’ movie, where you slit someone’s throat and they can’t scream but just gargle. But God had other plans for me. I screamed and I fought back.”

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