Recent Crime Spree Hits Stanton,

Stanton, California Experiences Recent Crime Wave: Assaults, Robberies, and Thefts on 09/12/2023

SpotCrime released the crime daily report for Stanton, California, on 09/12/2023. Residents are advised to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities immediately to the authorities as a precautionary measure.

1. Assault (2 incidents)

1. Two Incidents of Assault Reported

2. Robbery (1 incident)

3. Two incidents of theft

4. Burglary (1 incident) – According to the report, there was one incident of burglary.

As you read this report, please note that certain addresses have been redacted to respect the privacy of those involved. Our aim is to inform and create awareness about the safety situation in Stanton, California so that residents can take necessary precautions while staying vigilant of their surroundings.

Let’s work together to keep Stanton a safe and prosperous community by staying informed and vigilant.

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