Sudden Closure of Two Kansas City Restaurants Leaves Staff Heartbroken During the Holidays

The staff of two restaurants in the Kansas City area had a disappointing start to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Two Big Biscuit locations in Independence and Blue Springs unexpectedly closed right before Thanksgiving, leaving employees and customers surprised. The specific addresses of the closed restaurants are 16506 E. U.S. Highway 40 in Independence and 530 N.W. Highway 7 in Blue Springs.

They fired our general manager and made her tell us we have no job…No ‘Thank you for your time.’ No clarification on how to reapply, nothing…Just because it’s common for companies to lay people off doesn’t mean (the way they did it) was right” former employee Silvia Sarmiento told The Kansas City Star.

Big Biscuit, a renowned breakfast restaurant chain, has established itself as a favorite among patrons with its wide network of more than twenty locations spanning across Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. The inception of this chain dates back to the year 2000 when it was founded by the visionary entrepreneur, Dan Gerson. While he eventually sold the business in 2010, he retained ownership of the two Kansas City locations. Sadly, Dan passed away in September, leaving the ownership in the capable hands of his son, Luke, who has not yet disclosed the reasons behind the recent closures.

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