Surprising Autopsy Report Reveals Nichole Coats' Death Cause

Surprising Autopsy Report Reveals Nichole Coats’ Death Cause

The cause of death of Nichole “Nikki” Coats, a model from Los Angeles, has been determined to be drug-related and accidental, as confirmed by Coats passed away at the age of 32.

According to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner, cocaine and ethanol toxicity were the reasons behind her unfortunate demise. As of now, the case is still open and under investigation.

Speculations of foul play arose among Coats’ family members when another model from the same locality, Maleesa Mooney, aged 31, was discovered deceased in her downtown L.A. apartment merely two days after Coats’ passing. As per the medical examiner, Mooney had succumbed to “homicidal violence.”

Police have confirmed that despite concerns of a possible serial killer, there is currently no evidence to support the theory that the deaths of Ms. Coats and Ms. Mooney are connected in any way.

According to, influencers and models in the vicinity were cautioned to remain vigilant of strangers and share their whereabouts when planning to meet up with individuals from dating or social apps. A flyer with such precautions was being circulated during that period.

Authorities were treating the passing of Coats as a “death investigation.”

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“I’m doing my best to remain strong, but the truth is, I’m hurting. My heart is shattered, and I’m absolutely devastated,” shared Sharon, the grieving mother of Coats. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, she disclosed that her daughter had an upcoming vacation with her friends in Cancun, Mexico, which made the news of her passing all the more unexpected.

The news came as a shock – it was simply too soon. She was still young and had so much life ahead of her. She was doing so well, and then suddenly this happened. It’s hard to believe that someone so healthy and full of life could be taken from us so soon. As I try to come to terms with it all, I can’t help but think about her infectious smile that could light up an entire room. She truly was a precious gem that we were lucky enough to have in our lives.

Sharon’s family has received a tremendous outpouring of support through a fundraiser that has raised $17,645, exceeding the initial target of $10,000. The funds will aid in covering unexpected expenses.

Earlier this month, Mooney’s sister, Jourdin Pauline, shared a heartbreaking update that Mooney was two months pregnant when she was discovered dead in her lavish apartment.

Pauline expressed her excitement, stating that the recipient had a strong desire for a child and had frequently discussed this topic. “She was super excited and I know she really wanted a kid,” she revealed.

“It’s a terrible experience. Her birthday was just two days away, yet we had to go with a closed casket.”

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