Man Dies As He Tries To Stop Thieves From Stealing His Car

Thieves Fatally Injure Man While Attempting to Steal His Car

In the alarming video, the individual is thrown onto the pavement with fatal consequences as he desperately clings to the criminals’ fleeing vehicle.

According to the Video Post

A man lost his life on Wednesday in a disturbing incident that occurred in New York. As per the report by New York Post, the man tried to prevent burglars from stealing his car, but the situation turned violent when he jumped on the hood of the suspects’ getaway BMW. The robbers threw him onto the concrete, leading to his death. The victim, identified as Mauro Chimbay, was playing volleyball in Queens Park when he heard the alarm of his Toyota Highlander SUV go off. He then saw a robber smash the rear passenger window and steal a box.

According to witnesses who spoke to CBS, Chimbay collided with a black SUV after being ejected from the BMW. Wilson Acosta, an eyewitness to the incident, stated, “He crashed into a large SUV and then held onto the door to try to retrieve what was stolen from him. He collided with the vehicle and flipped over.” While Chimbay’s SUV was stolen, the contents of the box are currently unknown. Chimbay’s family members have called for the arrest of the thieves. However, the police have informed Fox News Digital that the investigation is still ongoing, and no arrests have been made yet.

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