Two individuals face charges following the hospitalization of a 14-month-old with an infected spider bite

Two individuals have faced charges following the hospitalization of a 14-month-old child who was transported by air after sustaining an infected spider bite.

According to a criminal complaint, deputies from the Marion County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call on November 19 at Ruby Memorial Hospital. The call involved a 14-month-old girl who had been transported to the hospital via an air medical service due to infections.

Deputies discovered that the toddler had to undergo surgery on one of her legs because it had become infected. The infection was a result of the toddler being bitten by a spider around November 16. However, it wasn’t until the wounds started to show signs of infection, such as a foul odor, approximately three days later, that Linsie Gray, 22, and Eric Melton, 20, both from Fairmont, decided to seek medical treatment for the child, according to deputies.

According to the complaint, the medical staff at the facility informed the deputies that it is highly improbable for the child to have survived another day without medical intervention. They also revealed that the 14-month-old had wounds, infections, and sores on her feet, back, buttocks, and leg.

When deputies later visited Gray and Melton’s residence, they discovered that the conditions were deplorable. The house was filled with garbage, dog feces, and soiled dog potty training mats.

According to the complaint, on November 21st, deputies were informed that the 14-month-old had already undergone two surgeries to address the infection and would require additional surgeries in the future. The complaint stated that it was still uncertain whether the child would need to have her leg amputated.

Gray and Melton face charges of child neglect resulting in injury. They are currently in custody at North Central Regional Jail, with a bond set at $50,012.

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