Viral videos show passengers struggling to escape ankle-deep water

Viral videos show passengers struggling to escape ankle-deep water at LaGuardia Airport.

Amidst widespread flooding caused by heavy rain, travellers seeking budget airlines out of LaGuardia Airport in New York City were challenged with ankle-deep water on Friday morning. The situation was so dire that the streets turned into raging rivers. The flooding caused inconvenience for many travellers who had to navigate the water to get to their flights. The situation highlighted the need for better infrastructure to handle such weather conditions.

As the floodwaters rushed through the airport building, Terminal A, the departure point for Spirit and Frontier Airlines, had to be temporarily shut down.

As travellers rushed to evacuate, social media flooded with images and footage of the airport terminal engulfed in water. The distressing scenes depicted the chaos and urgency of the situation, highlighting the overwhelming desperation of those caught amid the flooding.

A TikTok user captured the alarming sight of water rising over her boots as she stood inside one of the terminals. In her video, the water can be seen seeping through the revolving doors of the building, further highlighting the severity of the situation.

In the video clip, she expressed her disappointment with the flying experience from LaGuardia airport by stating, “NEVER FLYING FROM LAGUARDIA AGAIN.” Her dissatisfaction was evident, and her words made her opinion clear.

“It was indeed a flash flood, but there seems to be no explanation for why the airport is flooding this way.”

I’m so grateful that I decided to wear boots today. As I navigate through the wet and slippery conditions, the #lga, #laguardia, #nyc, and #flood hashtags come to mind.

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An influencer named Batsheva Haart shared a video on TikTok which showcased a car having difficulty driving through the water accumulated on the nearby streets.

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