Walmart worker with a ‘mouthy’ attitude waits with loaded gun to enact revenge plot on colleague

Tulsa, Oklahoma police have apprehended a Walmart employee discovered sitting in her vehicle with a loaded firearm. The employee had been disciplined on her previous shift for being ‘mouthy’ and was awaiting another employee.

In a bizarre act of revenge, a Walmart employee was apprehended by the police while sitting in her car with a loaded gun, waiting for another employee to leave the building.

Adrienne Edwards, a store worker in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been identified by the police as the suspect. Last week, she received a reprimand from a shift manager for her ‘mouthy’ attitude.

Enraged by the disciplinary action, Edwards loudly threatened her co-worker who had previously reprimanded her. Several witnesses promptly contacted the police to report the threats, leading law enforcement to intervene just in time to discover Edwards armed and ready.

After being questioned by the police, Edwards confessed to making the threats. Consequently, she was arrested and faced charges for threatening violent acts.

The holiday season brings added stress for retail employees. Tragically, a recent incident at a Walmart in Anchorage, Alaska, resulted in the loss of two lives. According to the Anchorage Police Department’s Facebook post, an unidentified adult male and an adult female were found dead at the scene after a shooter opened fire on Sunday evening.

According to the police, they have discovered a firearm at the scene. However, the department has emphasized that they are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident. They do believe, however, that this was likely an isolated event. Videos shared on social media depict a significant presence of police and emergency vehicles outside the supermarket, as law enforcement officers secure the area.

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