Who Will Be Authorized To Sell Recreational Marijuana If Issue 2 Passes?

Who Will Be Authorized To Sell Recreational Marijuana If Issue 2 Passes?

Ucreview – Issue 2, a ballot measure initiated by citizens, proposes the legalization of recreational marijuana. If passed, this measure will permit adults to purchase and cultivate their own marijuana for personal consumption, albeit with some restrictions in place.

It is important to note that cultivating marijuana at home is limited to personal use only. It is not legally permissible to sell any of the six plants that are allowed to be grown at home. If individuals wish to sell marijuana legally in their state, they must obtain one of the few licenses that will be made available if Issue 2 is approved. However, it should be noted that many of these licenses have already been allocated.

Medical Dispensaries Get First Dibs

If the Issue 2 ballot text is approved, medical cultivators and dispensaries will be granted adult-use recreational licenses within nine months, as long as they meet all the necessary requirements. The legalization of recreational marijuana in Ohio will come into effect 30 days after the Nov. 7 election. Additionally, cultivators and dispensaries would be allowed to expand their current operations, contingent on their size.

As per the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, there are presently 104 active certificates of operation for medical dispensaries in Ohio.

As per the text of the law, the state will not be granting any further licenses until two years after the law has been implemented.

One of the optimistic sellers is the proprietor of “It’s Not Weed,” a hemp delivery service based in Cincinnati.

For this story, we will refer to the owner of It’s Not Weed as John, who requested anonymity despite the fact that the products they sell are completely legal.

John referred to his dispensary as a recreational dispensary, although it resembles the hemp shops in the area. They have been operating for a little over a year and specialize in selling products that are considered hemp, both at the federal and statewide levels. These products include intoxicating and non-intoxicating options.

Minor Cannabinoids, Major Benefits

At It’s Not Weed, we provide a wide range of cannabinoids including CBD flower, Delta 8 flower, and more. These products can be just as beneficial as marijuana when customized to meet the specific needs of the user.

According to him, their edibles are so similar to those bought across the border in Michigan that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. He also mentioned that some of his customers are particularly interested in specific cannabinoids, while others prefer a mix of different flower types. In fact, he’s had conversations with both friends and customers who fall into these categories.

John has found a valuable niche behind the dispensary counter due to the legal restrictions on selling pure marijuana. His specialization lies in minor cannabinoids, which he believes have significant potential in the industry.

“He said that there are various types of medications being studied for treating ADHD and several others that are beneficial for other conditions as well.”

John visited a large dispensary during his recent trip to Canada to satisfy his professional curiosity.

John expressed his surprise at the absence of products containing minor cannabinoids. He pointed out that his company, only a year old and with limited resources, offers a wider range of such products.

According to John, those who use marijuana for specific therapeutic benefits or those who are new to using it may require a wider range of options. He further added that the extensive consultation that is required to understand the user’s needs may not be possible in large dispensaries.

According to him, larger businesses prioritize maximizing their cash flow and overall efficiency. However, this approach often leads to negative consequences in other areas.

The Push To Pivot

John’s extensive knowledge of hemp is an asset for individuals seeking non-marijuana related products. However, he founded It’s Not Weed with the intention of being ready for the potential legalization of recreational marijuana in Ohio.

He expressed his desire to shift towards the market for legal recreational activities by saying, “I would like to pivot towards the recreational legal market.”

John has concerns about the ability of smaller hemp businesses, like his own, to scale up their operations to include marijuana once the licensing process begins.

He expressed his concern about the dominance of private interests with significant capital in the market. According to him, these multi-state companies, such as Verilife, with a hundred million dollar revenue, might hold all the control. He added that it could be challenging for someone like him, who has been in operations for a year, owns considerable experience in business, and has degrees to back it up, to enter the market and thrive against such competitors.

On November 7th, Ohioans will have the opportunity to vote on Issue 2.

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