Sheriff's Office seeking Fredericksburg vehicle theft suspect.

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office is soliciting the public’s assistance in identifying a potential suspect in the theft of multiple parked vehicles at a marina.

Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the Pleasant Landing Marina, situated in the 300 block of Pleasant Landing Road, on Saturday, October 7, in relation to a previous vehicle theft.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, a number of reports were filed regarding the theft of wallets and other items from the vehicles of some triathlon participants at the marina.

Multiple wallets were stolen by an unidentified male who entered multiple vehicles. Credit cards from the stolen wallets were subsequently used to make over $2,500 in purchases at a Fredericksburg-area store, as reported by the Sheriff’s Office.

Images were captured by surveillance cameras of the potential suspect walking with what appeared to be stolen items.

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