20 Inches Of Snow

Is New York State Expecting 20 Inches of Snow?

In just a few hours, the forecast for October can be completely different than what was previously predicted. A prime example of this was the October Surprise Storm that hit the Buffalo area not too long ago. With the cooler temperatures settling in, rain is now a common occurrence.

According to some weather predictions, the Great Lakes are expected to release moisture onto nearby regions. Western New York, in particular, is anticipated to receive a significant amount of rainfall, possibly up to 2 inches, on Monday and Tuesday. If this occurs, it would be equivalent to a heavy snowfall!

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In the United States, it’s generally accepted that thirteen inches of snow is equivalent to one inch of rain, although this ratio can differ depending on the type of precipitation. For example, sleet may need two inches to equal one inch of rain, while very dry, powdery snow may require nearly fifty inches to equal one inch of rain. And when it comes to weather events, a nor’easter is a type of storm that typically affects the East Coast of the US, bringing heavy precipitation, strong winds, and coastal flooding.

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