17-year-old arrested, charged with carjacking FBI agent in DC

A 17-year-old suspected gang member was detained in DC for armed carjacking of an FBI agent

According to police, a 17-year-old suspected gang member was nabbed last week for the armed carjacking of an off-duty female FBI agent in Washington, DC.

As police continue to look for a second suspect, schoolboy Devonta Lynch was taken into custody on Monday and accused as an adult in connection with the attack that occurred last Wednesday afternoon.

According to court documents obtained by Fox 5 DC, he was apprehended at home, where authorities discovered a pistol magazine, two 50-count boxes of 9mm live bullets, and a pair of black Nike sneakers matching those worn during the carjacking.

The federal agent stated that she was standing outside her car, with the door open, near the Lincoln Memorial, zipping up her jacket when she was knocked to the ground.

She recalled lying on her back and glancing up to find one of the assailants pointing a gun at her and demanding her keys and phone.

According to the documents, the FBI agent was overpowered and stolen of her belongings after a brief fight.

According to the documents, the gunman and his accomplice then got into the agent’s car and drove away from the 100 block of 12th Street SE, leaving the agent with a cut lip.

The victim’s car was discovered abandoned nearby about 15 minutes later, with security footage capturing the suspects escaping on foot, according to the documents.

According to the article, the tape confirmed Lynch as the driver, and cops received an anonymous tip claiming he and the second suspect were members of the Area 71 gang.

Lynch, a High Road Upper School student, was also charged with assault in an other incident on Nov. 9.

Lynch was ordered kept without bond in a juvenile prison center until his initial court appearance on Monday.

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