Love after loss: DC single mom encouraging others to adopt after taking in siblings

Love after loss: a DC single mother who adopted siblings and is now urging others to adopt

WASHINGTON – Dozens of children adopted in D.C. this year are now celebrating their first holiday season with their families, but many more are in need of adoptive families.

A single mother in Southeast D.C. adopted two siblings approximately a year ago.

Benita Meadow is sharing her story in order to inspire others to adopt. In D.C., an estimated 58 youngsters are still looking for their forever home.

Meadow’s biological son Marquese died of heat stroke in 2014.

“He died at the young age of 18, and I didn’t feel like I was done being a mom,” Meadow told me.

She decided a few years ago that she wanted to help another child.

“Instead of getting one, I ended up getting two, which was a double blessing,” said Meadow.

She converted her grief into love, raising 5-year-old Mon’Trell and his 6-year-old sister Mon’Asia.

“They bring joy, excitement, reminding me of, like, what it’s like to be that young mom,” Meadow went on to say.

They are two of the 143 adoptions approved for fiscal year 2023.

“It’s quite refreshing.” “It’s encouraging,” D.C. Superior Court Judge Tara J. Fentress said.

Fentress finds it incredibly meaningful to supervise adoptions, especially with strangers like Meadow.

“A friend of mine has a saying. ‘Speak life to our children,’ she says,’so they become what you tell them.’ We don’t always speak life. We do not support them. We are not available to them. Sometimes all they need is someone to listen. “As an adoptive parent, however, you can be all of that and more,” Fentress explained.

There were 503 children in foster care as of September 30. There are 58 of them looking for adoptive parents.

Meadow advises anybody contemplating about adopting or fostering to “don’t second-guess it.” It’s in your heart if it’s a thought. Simply do it.”

Meadow is not adopting for the first time.

She also has a 21-year-old daughter named Callie, whom she adopted at the age of three.

Anyone interested in adopting or fostering a child in the District of Columbia should phone 202-671-LOVE (202-671-5683).

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