14-year-old girl fatally stabs man in crotch

NYC robbery: 14-year-old girl fatally stabs man in crotch

Police have confirmed that a 14-year-old girl has been arrested and charged with murder after she allegedly stabbed a man in the groin during a robbery in the Bronx. The incident occurred earlier this week, and authorities have stated that the victim died as a result of his injuries. The girl is now in custody and will face legal proceedings related to the murder charge.

Authorities have charged a young girl with multiple offenses including manslaughter, robbery, grand larceny, petit larceny, criminal possession of a weapon, and criminal possession of stolen property about the killing that took place on Tuesday morning in the Claremont section. Due to her age, the girl has not been identified.

NYPD officers received a 911 call around 7 a.m. at the intersection of East 170th Street and Morris Avenue, where they found the unconscious victim, Jose Valarezo, 35. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

On Tuesday, authorities apprehended the adolescent suspect in the vicinity. The police have yet to disclose any further information regarding the robbery.

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