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Parolee who robbed and shot the president of an anti-recidivism organization sentenced to 22 years – CWB Chicago

In Chicago, a man has been given a 22-year sentence for shooting and robbing the president of a non-profit organization. This organization is dedicated to reducing recidivism among parolees, and the perpetrator committed this heinous act while still on parole for a previous robbery.

The clerk of the court’s computer entry reported that Curtis Eggleston, who is just 23 years old, has admitted his guilt in committing armed robbery and aggravated battery by discharging a firearm. This Tuesday, Judge Neera Walsh announced the sentence.

At the moment of the shooting, Eggleston was on parole due to a robbery he had committed earlier. Additionally, he had committed two thefts while on probation for yet another theft case, which makes his criminal record quite extensive.

According to court records, he was initially charged with robbery by the prosecutors. However, they later allowed him to plead guilty to a lesser theft charge in exchange for probation.

In June 2019, while still on probation, Eggleston committed theft at the Belmont CTA station in Lakeview by snatching a woman’s phone and quickly boarding a southbound train. Not content with that, he grabbed another woman’s phone when the train arrived at the North and Clybourn station and fled.

After three days, Eggleston committed another crime in Old Town by forcefully taking a woman’s phone on the 300 block of West North Avenue. He also fought with her to gain control of her backpack. Unknown to the police then, this incident was unrelated to the CTA thefts. Luckily, the authorities could arrest him nearby, and he later confessed to both crimes.

According to state records, he was sentenced by Judge William Gamboney to serve three years for each case, to be served at the same time. However, he was released from prison after spending only 16 months in custody.

According to officials, Eggleston got involved with the anti-recidivism program while residing at a halfway house on the South Side. The program’s 55-year-old organizer is dedicated to decreasing recidivism rates among parolees by offering them life skills and employment prospects. A prosecutor revealed this information during Edgleston’s initial bail hearing in March 2022.

Attempted Murder and Robbery: A Terrifying Encounter

Upon meeting the 55-year-old victim, the man enlisted Edgleston’s assistance in cleaning debris from a home. However, a few days later, the man noticed some coins missing from a pouch in his truck and confronted Eggleston about it.

According to officials, the altercation between the victim and Edgleston turned into a heated argument, leading the victim to take Edgleston to the Cottage Grove Green Line station. Upon arrival, Eggleston demanded more money than the victim had initially paid him for his services, but the victim refused to comply.

According to sources, the occurrence was captured by cameras positioned at the CTA station from a distance.

According to initial allegations, Edgleston was apprehended by the Chicago police just a block from where the shooting occurred. He was found to be carrying a loaded handgun in his pants along with the victim’s phone, a coin pouch, and over $800 cash.

In the plea deal reached by Edgleston’s legal team and prosecutors, several charges, including attempted murder and 12 other felonies, were dropped. However, information regarding his parole date remains unavailable as he has yet to be transferred to the custody of the Illinois Department of Corrections.

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