Ron DeSantis again says Florida would 'flatten' Bahamas in case of hypothetical rocket attack

Florida would “flatten” the Bahamas if a rocket attack happened, Ron DeSantis says again

Governor Ron DeSantis is still warning individuals in the Bahamas that it is not wise to launch rockets in the direction of South Florida.

In Manchester, New Hampshire on Tuesday, the potential 2024 presidential candidate drew a comparison between the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas and a hypothetical situation where a wrongdoer fires missiles from the Bahamas towards his state.

While addressing the issue of rockets being fired into Fort Lauderdale, the Governor of Florida stated that if such an act was being committed by someone from the Bahamas, it would not be accepted. He further added that in such a scenario, they would take swift action and flatten the source of the rockets without any delay. The safety and protection of their people is of utmost importance, and they would not tolerate any kind of threat to their citizens.

It’s astonishing to note that DeSantis has incorporated this metaphor in his stump speech several times, even after the U.S. Embassy in Nassau had to clarify that his exaggerated statements didn’t represent the official American diplomatic stance.

Governor DeSantis made a strong statement during his visit to Iowa, drawing a comparison between the aftermath of 9/11 and the current situation with the Bahamas. He stated that if, just three weeks after 9/11, people had demanded a ceasefire against al-Qaida and the Taliban, it would never have been accepted. As the Governor of Florida, he emphasized that if someone in the Bahamas were to launch missiles into Fort Lauderdale, it would not be tolerated. He emphasized that they would take immediate action and “flatten them in no time certain.”

During a recent stop in Iowa, Governor DeSantis expressed his concern about the firing of rockets and questioned the appropriate course of action. He pondered, “What are you supposed to do?” He then spoke about his observation that if the Bahamas were to fire rockets into Fort Lauderdale, the American people would not tolerate it for even a minute. He believed that they would not hesitate to take strong action and level the place. Governor DeSantis emphasized that Americans would never be willing to live in such a dangerous situation.

Through the Bahamian press, the U.S. government addressed the initial commentary made by DeSantis.

U.S. Embassy issued a statement to The Nassau Guardian stating that Charge d’Affairs Usha Pitts regrets any misinterpretation caused by DeSantis’ comments and confirms the strong bond between The Bahamas and the United States, which is an everlasting and exceptional partnership between two democratic nations.

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