Double Alabama Suicide: Homeless Mother and Son Found Holding Hands

Homeless Mother and Son Found Holding Hands in Double Alabama Suicide

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Alabama recorded approximately 804 suicides in 2021, according to data from The Alabama Department of Public Health.

Recently, a heartbreaking incident occurred in Houston County where a homeless mother and son were discovered holding hands after they had attempted suicide by hanging themselves. As per The Dothan Eagle’s article, the duo had only been residing in Alabama for a few weeks before taking this drastic step.

During the briefing, Coroner Robert Byrd provided additional information about the incident, stating:

The mother, 80, and the son, 55, bought phone charging cords from a store before going behind the property and tying them to the railing of a dumpster.

According to an article on The Center Square, in 2022, around 3,752 people in Alabama had to spend at least one night without a home. Out of those who reported experiencing homelessness, 42.1% had no shelter to rely on for that night.

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