Jared and Ivanka Adopt New Family Pet From 'Big Dog Ranch Rescue' in Alabama

Jared and Ivanka Welcome a New Pet From ‘Big Dog Ranch Rescue’ in Alabama

Big Dog Ranch Rescue’s Alabama facility, which was built on the site of a former dog racing complex, has come a long way in just one year. Recently, one of their rescue dogs has become an overnight sensation after being adopted by Jared and Ivanka (Trump) Kushner and their three kids. The fortunate canine in question is a Lab and German Shepherd mix that was left abandoned on an Alabama highway. Let’s hear the complete story…

Ivanka took to Instagram on Monday to share a heartwarming family photo with her followers. In the post, she introduced their new dog, a cute little pup they named “Simba,” to the world. Simba seemed joyous in the photo, and the three Kushner children were all smiles. Ivanka shared that Simba joins their other pets, Winter and Chester, and revealed that the little pup had been rescued by Big Dog Ranch Rescue. Simba had been found starved and abandoned on an Alabama highway, but now, he has found a loving home with the former president’s daughter and her family. It’s great to see Ivanka adopting a rescue dog, as these dogs are often the ones who need a family the most. Big Dog Ranch Rescue does a fantastic job of giving these animals a second chance at life.

Ivanka Trump Kushner

Ivanka with son and Simba

Big Dog Ranch Rescue has become the largest cage-free and no-kill rescue in the United States after opening its new facility in Alabama. Previously used for training and racing greyhounds, the facility has been transformed into a massive dog rescue ranch spanning 100 acres. Lauree Simmons, the mastermind behind the idea, has been running a successful 33-acre dog ranch in Florida for several years, rescuing over 50,000 dogs. With the expanded facility in Alabama, she plans on doubling that number in the near future.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue can be found in Shorter, Alabama, a charming town situated midway between Montgomery and Tuskegee. The rescue center has an impressive reach and is dedicated to saving dogs from kill shelters located all over the Southeastern region of the United States. If you are interested in learning how you can lend a hand, or perhaps even offer a loving home to a rescue pup in the future, be sure to visit their website here.

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