Father of 5 shot to death in possible case of mistaken identity

Doorbell camera captures possible mistaken identity in Roseland shooting that killed a father of five.

Every day, Landis Williams is forced to confront the painful memory of his son’s tragic death two years ago in the 11000 block of South Vernon Avenue. Despite the emotional toll it takes on him, he continues to bear witness to this spot daily.

The incident occurred outside his apartment complex, catching his son off guard as he strolled down the street to the nearby grocery store. The shooting was unexpected and sudden, leaving them both shaken and fearful for their safety in the neighbourhood.

As captured by a Ring camera across the street, a four-door sedan, a grey Ford Fusion, pulls up beside Christopher Williams, who is 39 years old. He turns to speak with the car’s occupants before they suddenly open fire moments later. Although the video ends before the shots hit Christopher, the footage is a chilling reminder of the violence that can occur in our communities.

Landis expressed with a heavy heart, “I simply cannot accept it as it is. I am determined to uncover the truth behind my son’s death.”

According to Christopher’s family, he was a loving husband and father to five children. He was fully committed to his family and worked tirelessly at the University of Chicago Medical Center. It’s been two years since his passing, and his wife, Marquisha, admits she still feels numb over his untimely death.

Marquisha expressed that transitioning from being a family to being a single parent is a challenging experience, as she is now responsible for raising her children independently.

According to Williams’ family, the police have informed them that they suspect the shooter may have mistaken Williams for another individual. Even with all the available evidence, including the video footage, the authorities have yet to locate the perpetrator two years after the tragic incident.

According to a CPD spokesperson who spoke with ABC7, the investigation is still ongoing, and as of yet, no arrests have been made. Christopher’s family has expressed their frustration with the investigation’s slow progress, and they are seeking answers to the many unanswered questions.

According to Christopher’s mother, Vickie Armstrong-Williams, obtaining justice for her son brings her peace. She acknowledged, however, that it does not provide her with closure as she will never have her son back.

The family’s frustration only intensified when the police informed them that the murder weapon had been turned in at the station on 111th Street a few months after the shooting. However, despite their best efforts, the police have been unable to establish a connection between the weapon and the perpetrator of the crime.

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