Louisiana Teacher Accused of Assisting Fugitive Student’s

Louisiana Educator Allegedly Aids Student in Fleeing Authorities

Reports have emerged regarding Angela Filardo, a middle school teacher from New Orleans, who is facing allegations of aiding Lynell Reynolds, a former student and juvenile fugitive, in escaping to Texas. These allegations are serious and could have significant consequences for Filardo.

According to a recent report from FOX 8, a New Orleans teacher named Filardo has been accused of aiding a teenage fugitive in Texas and has been placed on leave from school. Filardo is facing a felony charge of being an accessory to an escape after the student, Reynolds, broke out of a group home in Lake Charles, Louisiana. What makes this case even more interesting is the fact that Reynolds was actually taught by Filardo during his 5th through 8th grades. Reynolds has a previous conviction for an armed robbery in New Orleans East back in 2019, during which he shot a man and left him paralyzed. Fortunately, Reynolds was recaptured near San Antonio, Texas on Monday.

According to Dorothy White, the victim’s grandmother, Filardo has been helping Reynolds right from the beginning. She also suspects that there could be other individuals who have aided Reynolds in his escape.

According to recent investigations, it has been revealed that Filardo drove Reynolds to Texas, who was a teen fugitive. Filardo’s number was the most contacted number in Reynolds’ phone since September 22, 2023, with almost “100 contacts” between the two. This number was almost twice the number of contacts with the second most dialed number on Reynolds’ device. The revelations have led to Filardo being placed on leave from the school. The investigation is still ongoing.

In a surprising turn of events, Filardo contacted FOX 8 on September 24, 2023, to voice her concerns regarding their coverage of Reynolds’ criminal activities. She expressed her worry that the media’s portrayal of the situation was causing harm.

The responses from the public on social media have been varied. Some have expressed strong disapproval towards both Filardo and Reynolds, while others have shared more balanced opinions, indicating that there might be additional factors to consider.

According to the latest reports, Filardo, who worked at Walter Cohen High, has been placed on administrative leave and is prohibited from communicating with students or staff at the school until the investigation is completed. This information has been confirmed by the Walter Cohen High campus itself. The link provided in the source sheds more light on the matter.

According to Dorothy White, the grandmother of the victim, Filardo was present during Reynolds’ juvenile court hearings to show support. Reynolds had been given a sentence of “juvenile life” but was eventually moved to an unsecured group home, a decision that White and others had opposed. The details were reported in an article by Fox 8 Live.

Stay up-to-date on the latest confirmed details regarding the New Orleans teacher accused of driving a teen fugitive to Texas by checking out this article on FOX 8. While we await further investigation and legal procedures, this source will provide you with the most recent information available.

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