'Karen' Interrupts Street Performance, Escorted Away By Police

Police Escort ‘Karen’ Away for Disrupting Street Performance

In New Orleans, Louisiana, a woman has been labelled as a “Karen” for disrupting a street performance.

@usa.karen.kevin, a TikTok user, recently uploaded a video capturing the Karen incident at Pere Antoine’s Alley. The footage captures a woman obstructing a performer’s set and making obscene gestures towards the audience.

The performer questioned the woman, “Why did you come right here in our way when you were just standing there?” The entertainers requested the assistance of bystanders to call the police and have the woman removed from the area after she refused to leave.

“Could someone please call the police on her? Could someone please report her to the authorities?” pleaded the performer. As soon as she interrupted the performance, the rest of the audience started booing her.

A different video captured the woman conversing with New Orleans police officers while bystanders shouted “take her home”. Eventually, the woman was escorted away from the vicinity by the authorities.

The Karen’s behavior was called out by social media users.

A TikTok user expressed their frustration by stating that some people seem to be intolerant towards harmless fun. One user expressed their curiosity, stating, “I was eager to hear her explanation for why she remained in that position.” A third individual expressed confusion about the motivation behind their actions.

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