2-year-old boy dies after being accidentally run over by father

Authorities report accidental death of 2-year-old boy after being run over by father

A tragic incident occurred in METAIRIE, La. (WVUE/Gray News) where a young boy lost his life after being hit by a pickup truck driven by his own father.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office reported that they received a call to a parking lot situated on Houma Boulevard, which is only a 15-minute drive from downtown New Orleans.

Officials report that the 2-year-old child was accidentally hit by his father’s pickup truck as he was backing out of a parking spot. According to Nestor Maradiga, his 2-year-old son’s name is Elian Maradiga and he is the victim in this case.

According to reports, Nestor claimed that he had no knowledge of his son running out to the parking lot while he was heading to work.

The authorities declared Elian deceased at the location. According to investigators, there doesn’t appear to be any impairment involved in the incident, but they are continuing their investigation.

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