Cavity investigation leads to drug arrest in St. Bernard Parish

Cavity investigation leads to drug arrest in St. Bernard Parish

During his booking into jail, a man from New Orleans was discovered to have cocaine and fentanyl inside his body by St. Bernard Parish sheriff’s deputies. The man is now facing several drug charges.

On Thursday, Alton Mark was arrested by deputies near West Judge Perez and Perrin Drives. They detected the smell of cannabis in his car after stopping him for a burnt tail light. Although Mark resisted and was uncooperative with the deputies who attempted to apprehend him, he was eventually taken into custody.

According to deputies, Mark remained uncooperative even after they brought him to jail. Subsequently, they transferred him to the Plaquemines Parish Jail, where officials used a body scanner to check for any concealed drugs in his body cavities. The scanner detected foreign objects, prompting the St. Bernard Parish deputies to obtain a warrant for a cavity search.

According to authorities, while conducting a cavity search, they discovered two small bags of powder cocaine, one bag of heroin, and one bag of crack cocaine. Shockingly, all of the drugs were mixed with fentanyl. Mark is currently being held in the St. Bernard Parish Jail due to warrants issued in Jefferson Parish.

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