NJ Felon Gets Massive Prison Sentence For Gun,

NJ Felony Receives 19-Year Prison Sentence for Concealing Guns and Drugs in Vehicle

A man hailing from Newark has been sentenced to several years of imprisonment on charges related to weapons and drugs.

After a 4-day trial, Ricky Hubbard, aged 46, was imprisoned for 19 years, equivalent to 228 months. His sentencing was based on one count for each charge brought against him.

According to federal authorities, on November 6th, 2019, police officers pulled over Hubbard’s vehicle in Union, NJ.

Hidden away in a concealed compartment, Hubbard had in his possession more than 369 doses of cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl that were packaged for distribution. He also had drug-packaging materials and a 9mm Taurus handgun that was loaded with seven rounds of ammunition, including one in the chamber.

Aside from receiving a prison sentence, Hubbard was also mandated to five years of supervised release.

In this case, the valuable contribution of special agents from the FBI, the Union Township Police Department, the Union County Prosecutor’s Office, and the Union County Sheriff’s Office was acknowledged and appreciated by U.S. Attorney Philip Sellinger. Their efforts were instrumental in bringing the case to a successful conclusion.

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